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Front Wiper Blade Kit RHD
Length 1x 24" 600mm 1x 14" 350mm
£24.22 (incl. VAT)
£24.22 (incl. VAT)
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Product Description

Front Wiper Blade Kit RHD
Compatable with Right Hand Drive Models Only
Includes right hand and left hand wiper blades
Length 1x 24" 600mm 1x 14" 350mm
Flat Blade Type

Set of 2 front flat wiper blades for right hand drive models. The flat blade design allows optimal contact with the windscreen, giving a much clearer view of the road. The aerodynamic design makes the wipers much quieter in use and with an easy fit system they can be fitted in seconds!

Fitment Details

Compatable with Ka models From 29-10-2010 To 01-06-2016

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